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On Friday, 29/1/2016

In a repeated and an unprecedented action, a large Israeli force broke into Al-Quds University in Abu Dis campus on Friday, 29/1/2016.

This barbaric intrusion is a flagrant violation of international norms and conventions, which forbid attacks on academic institutions.

Very early in the morning, a large armed force broke into the university main campus in Abu Dis after detaining the security personnel in a corner under the threat of weapon.

During the raid, the Israeli force inspected several locations in the university buildings. After smashing the doors and rooms of students' union headquarter, they tampered with whatever contents they found there. The Israeli force also confiscated students' computers and destroyed the propaganda materials and furniture.

Additionally, the Israeli forces have stormed the Faculty of Islamic Sciences through the side doors and sneaked into the building, tampering with students' contents in the club's headquarter. The force confiscated all contents they found in the building especially valuable books and other printed materials used for cultural activities.

Whereas Al-Quds University deeply condemns these repeated intrusions on academic institutions, the president of the University calls all the international institutions and human rights organizations to condemn and stop the Israeli escalation and incursions on higher education institutions in Palestine as well as the arbitrary detention of students. Such practices underestimate the right of Palestinian people for safe education and secure life.

Despite the Israeli provocative practices, Al-Quds University will continue to perform its main tasks and its leading role in the academic field.